Cast Announced for Pretty Theft

(This cool season poster above was created by Kelly O’Donnell for the Battle)

We have a cast for our upcoming production of Pretty Theft, and it’s a great mix of Members, friends, and new folks. Playwright Adam Szymkowicz, Director Angela Astle and myself worked very hard on achieving a consensus, and the rewards of that process are not only a great cast, but an enhanced understanding of how Adam’s play works. But more on that anon. Here’s the list:

Pretty Theft Cast List

Allegra: Marnie Schulenburg
Suzy: Maria Portman Kelly*
Joe: Brian Pracht
Bobby: Zack Robidas
Marco: Todd D’Amour*
Ballerinas/Ensemble: Candice Holdorf*, Cotton Wright*, Lynn Kenny
(The Ballerinas play all the over roles, including the Waitress, the Supervisor, the Psychiatrist, Allerga’s Mother, and more)

You may notice some familiar names in that cast list, including:

Candice Holdorf

(Candice as Chuck in Rue, photo Jonathan Slaff/As Claudia in 8 Little Antichrists, photo Johnna Adams)


Cotton Wright

(Cotton Wright as Azazyel, photo Justin Hoch/ As Thalia, photo Jonathan Slaff)


Marnie Schulenburg

(Marnie Schulenburg as Joann in Angel Eaters, photo Justin Hoch)


Brian Pracht

(Brian Pracht as Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, photo Isaiah Tanenbaum)


Zack Robidas

(Zack Robidas as Jeremy in 8 Little Antichrists, photo by Johnna Adams)

We also welcome Maria Portman Kelly (so good in our Imagination Compact), Todd D’Amour (What To Do When You Hate All Your Friends, Stella) and Lynn Kenny to the production! Tickets go on sale March 17th, so mark you calendars. And if you want to learn more about Pretty Theft, read up on our Food:Soul entry from a year ago here.

We are all very excitedto share this beautiful, funny, disturbing, entertaining, moving, kick-ass play with you.

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