Poetic Larceny Artists Reveal #16 – Carissa Cordes

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Actor, April 13th

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We asked the amazing artists of our upcoming staged reading series Poetic Larceny to answer some questions about stealing, beauty, and consequences. Read on for their answers!

Question #1: What is the worst thing you’ve ever stolen?
I tried stealing second base once…I got caught. Oh, and on my sixth grade basketball team there was this girl who would always hold the ball directly behind her head, so whenever we scrimmaged I always stole the ball from her. Also i try to steal some zzz’s whenever I can.

Question 2: What is the worst thing that’s been stolen from you?
My sense of safety and self in my neighborhood was stolen on a night four years ago when a neighbor forcefully stole my backpack from me half a block away from my apt. The idealism came back quickly, but shadowed with realism…and I still panic and go into survival mode when someone walks directly behind me for longer than necessary.

Question 3&4: What do you find pretty? What do you find beautiful?
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” For me a person may or may not have a pretty face, but it is in knowing them as a person -then I will find them beautiful.

Question 5: If you could steal something beautiful without consequences, what would it be?
A moment of pure joy to keep in my back pocket.

Carissa has been a long time fan and supporter of Flux and is incredibly flattered and pleased to be asked to participate in Poetic Larceny. Carissa is currently in the process of creating new theatre and is usually involved with some project or another. She has recently been seen with Red Handle in Yellow Electras and with Mir Productions in the world premiere of The Mary Trilogy as La Madia, the killer mother, and was in Mir’s original dance theatre piece How to Be a Doll. She also was a part of Octavia Cups’ Whistle Me Higher. A past role of great joy was Rosalind in Hudson Warehouse’s As You Like It.

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