Poetic Larceny Artists Reveal #21 — David Ian Lee

What is Poetic Larceny?

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Playwright, May 4th

Previous Flux stuff: David appeared as an actor in our Imagination Compact, and as a playwright has workshopped Sleeper, Dog Show, and Long Sought, More Perfect at Flux Sundays.

We asked the amazing artists of our upcoming staged reading series Poetic Larceny to answer some questions about stealing, beauty, and consequences. Read on for their answers!

Question #1: What is the worst thing you’ve ever stolen?

One of two gold rings belonging to my grandfather, which I promptly lost. When I broke down, sobbing, and told him what I’d done, he said, “David, I’m ashamed that you’ve stolen, but I can tell you’ve had this on your chest for a while, and it takes a big man to admit his mistakes. And for that, I am proud of you.” And then he gave me his other ring.

Question #2: What is the worst thing that’s been stolen from you?

The 2000 Presidential Election.

Question #3: What do you find pretty?

Rain. Starlight. Dancers.

Question #4: What do you find beautiful?


Question #5: If you could steal something beautiful without consequences, what would it be?

Time. Infinite, infinite time.

Bio: David proudly originated the role of Karel Capek in the 2007 world premiere of Mac Roger’s Universal Robots. In New York: Ronan Noone’s award-winning The Lepers of Baile Baiste, Nat Cassidy’s The Reckoning of Kit & Little Boots, Jon Kravetz’s Prayer (Fringe 2008). Regional: Actors Theatre of Louisville, Utah Shakespeare, Sedona Shakespeare, Milwaukee Rep, Tennessee Rep, Arizona Rep, Arizona Theatre Company, Seven Angels, Los Angeles‘ Haugh Performing Arts Center. Film / TV: “As The World Turns,” “One Life To Live,” “Crutch”, “Save the Forest“. As Playwright: Sleeper (Published NYTR 2009), The Dog Show, Pinecone, The Latchkey Pool, Liberty & Joe DiMaggio, Long Sought; More Perfect (in development for 2009).

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