18 Reasons To See Pretty Theft

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Maria Portman Kelly, Marnie Schulenburg)

Wondering why you should see Pretty Theft? Here is a reason for every dollar of our ticket price. Read them, and then go get your tickets!

1. The Ensemble
“This ensemble could easily stand in the ranks of the greatest ensembles ever assembled”
Toby Thelin, Theatre Knights (&Daze)

2. The Playwright
“(Adam) Szymkowicz has not only taken the notion of theft and flipped it on its head — he’s taken a story about human beings at their worst and shown how we can claw our way back from the brink by finding the good within ourselves.”
Steven Snyder, The Villager

3. The Director
“A taught production…disturbing but touching…Angela Astle, the director, elicits some strong, affecting performances”
Anita Gates, The New York Times
4. The Story
“…It’s these elements that come together to make Pretty Theft a sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and at times nostalgic coming-of-age story.”
Patrice Contino, Flavorpill

5. Candice Holdorf as The Waitress
“Candice Holdorf makes the most of every scene, suggesting a lifetime of disappointment and settling for a character not even granted a first name.”
Doug Strassler, OffOffOnline

6. Cotton Wright as The Supervisor/Allegra’s Mother
(Cotton) Wright’s simple yet distinctive physical choices as Allegra’s Mom, the Supervisor, and one of Joe’s ballerina’s gave her a specificity that allowed her really ground the play.”
-Zack Calhoon, Visible Soul

7. Heather Cohn’s set design
“The technical sureness of Heather Cohn’s set pays big dividends, as the ballet barres become the coffee shop counter, a bed-sized platform skilfully portrays several different rooms, and cubes outfitted with handy cloth pouches and that clever mirrored platform do most of the rest of the scenery work.”
Jon Sobel, Blogcritics
8. Marnie Schulenburg as Allegra
“Wonderfully effective in the first play of the Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Angel Eaters trilogy last winter, Schulenburg delivers a restrained, affecting performance as the quietly lonely Allegra.”
Mark Peikert, Backstage

9. Becky Kelly’s Costume Design
“Becky Kelly’s costumes are well-considered and spot on with a great use of color.”
Chris Harcum, nytheatre.com

10. Maria Portman Kelly as Suzy
“Equally compelling is Maria Portman Kelly as Suzy, whose pouty, mean-girl petulance does not overwhelm her affability as an actress.”
Kitty Lindsay, Theatre Is Easy

11. Andy Fritsch’s Lighting Design
“The lighting design by Andy Fritsch also added a lot to the sheer visual beauty of this show.”
Toby Thelin, Theatre Knights (& Daze)

12. Zack Robidas as Bobby
“Zack Robidas…provides howling comic relief as the heroine’s appallingly selfish boyfriend”
Patrick Lee, Just Shows To Go You

13. Ashley Martinez’s Choreography
-“Sometimes lithe and lovely, sometimes screeching and twisted, these ballerinas serve as the linchpins which keep everything crazily bound together.”
Karen Tortora-Lee, Theatre Buzz

14. Brian Pracht as Joe
“Pracht is nothing short of a divine presence, heartbreaking and true”
Doug Strassler, OffOffOnline

15. Kevin Fuller’s Sound Design
“Kevin Fuller’s sound design add(s) to this half-realistic, half-impressionistic world in frequently subtle ways.”
Chris Harcum, nytheatre.com

16. Todd d’Amour as Marco
“I’ll be damned if d’Amour doesn’t give one of the better performances as a villain I’ve seen all year.”
Ethan Stanislawski, Tynan’s Anger

17. Lynn Kenny as The Psychiatrist
“Every performance is nuanced and extremely well crafted;…Lynn Kenny’s Nurse Ratchet-like Supervisor”
Toby Thelin, Theatre Knights (&Daze)

18. Audience Members Love It!
“This show is never boring and will sit with you for long after you have left the theatre.”
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You don’t need reasons to be pretty when you have 18 reasons to see Pretty Theft.

Now get your tix before I’m forced to make more show based puns…

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