Check out The Children’s Hour!

Flux friends Jessi D. Hill, Caleb Levengood and Emily Morgan DeAngelis (director, set designer and costume designer, respectively, for Flux’s production of Angel Eaters last November) have joined forces again to create a beautiful production of The Children’s Hour for Astoria Performing Arts Center.

The Children’s Hour, written by Lillian Hellman, tells the story of two women whose lives, relationships and careers are ruined when a disgruntled student at the girls boarding school that they run accuses them of lesbian activity. Although written in 1934, The Children’s Hour continues to illustrate just how devastating and destructive fear mixed with the power of suggestion can be.

The visual elements of the production were impeccable and the actors turn in strong performances across the board. Ms. Hill does particularly well in capturing the ruthless dynamic of middle school politics.
Performances are running now through June 7th. For tickets, showtimes, directions and other additional information, check out APAC’s website here.
Check it out!

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