Everyone needs a little foreplay

Heather here. As those of you who’ve been following Flux for a while now know, we have produced several exploratory reading series prior to various full productions. Each of these series are thematically connected to the full production that follows, and one might go as far to that these reading series are a Flux trademark. But a trademark without a name? That can’t last forever.

Each of the reading series has had its own identity, but we hadn’t found the right name for the overall project…until recently. First there was “The Dream Project” leading up to our production of Life is a Dream (2007), then “The Imagination Compact” which led up to A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008) and most recently “Poetic Larceny” preceding Flux’s production of Pretty Theft (2009). Since The Dream Project occurred before there was a Flux blog, it warrants a brief explanation. The Dream Project was an exploration of Pedro Calderon de la Barca’s La Vida es Sueno through a series of staged readings of various adaptations of Calderon’s masterpiece, including Jose Rivera’s Sueno, Octavio Solis’ Dreamlandia, a reading in the original Spanish, and The Dream Chain, an adaptation by seven playwrights each adapting one of the scenes from the play.

Flux had come up with other names for our other recurring events. There’s Have Another, our bar series (click HERE and HERE) and Food:Soul, our potluck staged readings (learn more HERE, HERE and HERE), but what about this series? Well, a few weeks ago my friend Ashley was talking about creativity, and I guess her words of inspiration seeped into my subconscious because that night, I had a brainstorm. I knew what we can call our pre-full production exploratory reading series!


Consider this the official announcement and “trademarking” of Flux’s ForePlay series. In discussion is a ForePlay to wet your appetite for our upcoming The Lesser Seductions of History. Still in the early stages, this ForePlay series would likely feature artists from a variety of disciplines (painters, sculptors, musicians, etc.) creating new work that is inspired by the 1960s. Stay tuned.

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