What’s Cooking At The DC Fringe

For those Flux friends who are in DC, there is a bunch of cool stuff happening in the Capital Fringe Festival, including a production of Riding the Bull, the genesis play for Flux Theatre Ensemble. The Riot Actors of Washington are producing the play, and I’m seeing it tonight!

But wait, there’s more. Who else has a play in the DC Fringe? None other than Pretty Theft playwright Adam Szymkowicz. His Herbie, Poet Of The Wild West was read at Flux Sunday two or so years ago is being produced by the Doorway Arts Ensemble. There is a sequence involving a bear that alone is worth your ticket, so check it out!

Finally, friend Isaac Butler is directing the latest incarnation of The Honest To God True Story Of The Atheist, which I’ve heard many good things about from all sorts of smart people.

DC folks, what else down there is worth seeing? NYC folks, there are $20 buses…

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