Out and About, The Fringe Edition

Just when I’m ready to post about the Fringe it feels like it’s halfway finished! BUT my tardy post is no excuse for missing the following Flux-infused Fringe offerings:

Member Cotton Wright (Pretty Theft, Angel Eaters, Rue) is appearing in a musical called Gutter Star, The Paperback Musical. If you’ve never heard Cotton sing, remedy that now.

Member Isaiah Tanenbaum (Angel Eaters, Midsummer, Life Is A Dream) is appearing in The Secret Of Our Souls – A Kabalistic Love Story. It features some beautiful voices and a bear mauling two Cossacks. What more do you need?

Flux friend Amy Lynn Stewart (Rattlers) is teaming up with Exploding Moments (Infectious Opportunity) vet Rebecca Comtois in Mac Rogers’ (Imagination Compact, Poetic Larceny) Viral, a play that I am SO EXCITED to see that I must egregiously use CAPS to describe my excitement. Trusted reviewer Patrick Lee has already given it a rave here, so this one feels like a must see.

Flux bud Todd d’Amour (Pretty Theft) is in the intriguing sounding Ether Steeds, which has already scored a sweet review from likewise trusted reviewer Aaron Riccio, so add this one to the list.

Flux vet Zack Robidas (8 Little Antichrists, Pretty Theft) is a producer for At Play’s Al’s Business Cards, running through August 22nd and recipient of a great review from the Times.

The playwright master of Flux ForePlays Jeff Lewonczyk (Imagination Compact, Poetic Larceny) turns director for Trav S.D.’s Willy Nilly, a musical exploitation of the cult murders of the psychedelic era. Yes, please.

Carissa “non-stop play machine” Cordes is in an all-female production of Jen Genet’s Deathwatch in a translation by Obie Winner David Rudkin. It’s killing me that my schedule is making me miss this one (sorry).

Did we mention that time is running out to see Lynn Kenny (Pretty Theft) play freakin’ Medea in a modern adaptation called Maddy? I’ll be seeing this Friday night – hope to see you there!

THE MAJORLEANS are playing: this Thursday at 9PM at the Sidewalk Cafe on 6th Street and Avenue A. Select Majorleaners rocked out our ITBA acceptance video and our last Food:Soul party, so show some reciprocal love to this great band.

Michael Swartz (Midsummer) is showing off more of his classical chops in the ATA’s Iphigenia In Tauris at the end of August, if you’re hungry for more Flux friends post-Fringe.

Speaking of, fellow NET company Hand2Mouth is traveling from Portland, OR to play at The Ontological-Hysteric Incubator from8/27 to 9/5. We met the creator of Undine Faith Helma at the NET Summit and she is awesome, so be sure to check it out.

Damn, I’m just tired writing all that. Imagine how exhausted and satisfied you’ll be after you see all of it.

Anything I missed? Anything you’d recommend? Mauled by any bears?

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