Next For Flux, Next For Blog

So, while there are a few more posts regarding The Lesser Seductions of History still to come (most importantly a detailed response to the audience responses), I want to talk quickly about what Flux has coming up, and what role this blog will play, and how you can engage with us here:


1. Flux Sunday will be starting up again this Sunday! I’ll be reporting on the return of our weekly workshop process here.
2. Food:Soul and Have Another: The next installments will hopefully be announced soon – these public showings of plays and scenes in development at Flux Sunday are our way of sharing our process with you, and we’re looking for more ways to open up that conversation here (for an example, read the comments responding to our last Food:Soul, Volleygirls.)
3. We hope to bring back Foreplay, the reading series that surrounds our full productions, for our upcoming production of J.B. Heather Cohn has some cool ideas for just how to frame this particular ForePlay, so stay tuned.
4. And yeah, we’re producing Archibald MacLeish’s 1959 Pulitzer Prize winning play J.B. as the culmination of our Season of Give and Take! We’re still figuring out the whos and whats and wheres and whens, but director Kelly O’Donnell has some really exciting ideas about this play, and as always, you’ll get the inside scoop here.
5. Unfinished business from our annual retreat: We need to further articulate our core and aesthetic Values, strategic planning, timeline, Membership rights and responsibilities and more. Maintaining the retreat momentum has always been difficult for us in production, which makes December a pivotal month for moving those conversations forward. We’ll continue posting that progress when appropriate.


In addition to reporting on the projects above, the Flux blog will continue to reach out to the wider community, including previous projects like:
1. Out and About: Our listing of shows and events we’re excited about, especially when they feature Fluxers and friends of Flux.
2. Exploding Moments: Our examination of what makes great shows work through interviews with the artists involved, focusing on the mechanics of specific moments.
3. Responding to plays we see, when we feel our response can add something of value.
4. Indie Theatre Rep: I’m hoping to push this idea forward into something more tangible

I’m also hoping to continue blogging about science and theatre, social media, new models, audience engagement, aesthetics and politics, and dramatic structure; and move to host conversations about all of the above here, like online town halls. I’d like to reach out to other Ensemble theatres across the country to report out on the challenges and opportunities they face, and find opportunities for collaboration; I’d like to reach out to other artistic disciplines and do the same.

But…there is only so much time in the night and early morning. In the end, this blog is here to serve the artists and audience closest to Flux, and when it can, expand in circles outwards to take in whoever wants to join the conversation. Which is a long way of asking: what do you want to see here?

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