Meet the Artists:Divine Reckoning / Jacob’s House

Hi all!

Isaiah here. Heather and I are curating “Divine Reckonings“, this year’s ForePlay. The first one is on Monday. I’m in it. Afterwards, there’s a party with an open bar. You should come to one of these fun events; better yet, come to both!

But I’m actually writing tonight for a more general purpose.

ForePlay, as you may recall from past years, is a series of staged readings leading up to our Spring production. Besides being a cool way to explore the themes related to that show, ForePlay allows Flux to work with a much a wider group of artists than any single production ever could. “Divine Reckonings,” like ForePlays before it, brings together 16 playwrights, 24 actors, and 4 directors. And of course, there’s the actual cast and creative team of Jacob’s House, another 18 (!) people. And as if that wasn’t big enough, “Divine Reckonings” is part of Epic’s Passion Play Coalition, a ForePlay-like series leading up to their production of Sarah Ruhl’s biblically-themed Passion Play.

As always, amidst all those dozens and dozens of artists are both familiar faces and new Flux Friends. Wouldn’t you like to know a bit about them? Of course you would!

So, we sent out a few questions to everyone involved in Divine Reckonings and, for the first time ever, the mainstage cast, too. Serious questions about theology; silly questions about wrestling moves, pluggy questions about future shows. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting their responses, because we think that the more you know about the people creating the work, the more we can bring you, our audience and fellow artists, into that process.

I’ve posted the questions in the comments. How would you answer?

And see you tomorrow at Judson! Or, failing that, at the party. I’ll be the guy with the camera, coming off a performer’s high. If I don’t know you, stop by and say hi!

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