Divine Reckonings Artists Reveal #11:Chandra Thomas

What is Jacob’s House?
What is ForePlay:Divine Reckonings?

Chandra Thomas
Actor, ForePlay

Previous Flux Experience: i’ve been a part of a table reading with Flux before (Ajax in Iraq) – excited to be a part of this ForePlay.

Do you have a favorite Bible character?
(perhaps cheesy but the truth!) Jesus.

Are you blessed?
Absolutely, fully and without question.

What would you do for more life?
Only do things that i thoroughly enjoy regardless of any necessary sacrifices.

What’s the weirdest thing in your parents’ attic?
My parents no longer have an attic as they remodeled their house. But, when i was superyoung, there was attic space in my little brother’s room. Because we were small enough to walk into the attic space, my brother and i used to play in there with a random of assortment of my dad’s discarded tools, puppets made out of garbage bags and newspaper, toy cars and headless Barbie knockoff dolls.

What is your prior experience with the Old Testament?
Have read much of it—but recently i’ve been impressed that i still remember many of the books in order after being made to learn them when i was a child. i went to synagogue quite a bit during my early teen years and the language sounded so much more musical than it did when read in church.

Anything else coming up for you that Flux readers should know about?
Will be appearing on an upcoming episode of “The Good Wife” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. Currently in rehearsals for a workshop production of my original solo show, a rhyme for the UNDERground. Details at www.NYchandra.com.

chandra thomas works as an actor/writer/producer based in New York City. Prior theatre performances include new and classic plays in New York and regionally. chandra also works in film and television. She is the co-founder of viBe Theater Experience, a non-profit, performing-arts education organization empowering teenage girls. More info at www.NYchandra.com.

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