Divine Reckonings Artists Reveal #12:Candice Holdorf

What is Jacob’s House?
What is ForePlay:Divine Reckonings?

Candice Holdorf
Actor, ForePlay

Previous Flux Experience: Founding Member of Flux. Marketing Director 2006-2008. Mainstage Shows: One in The Lesser Seductions of History, Waitress/Ballerina in Pretty Theft, Claudia in 8 Little Antichrists, Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Chuck in Rue. Food:Soul: Lily in This Storm is What We Call Progress. Have Another: Angel Juice. ForePlay: Rosaura in Sueno. Stage Manager for the 2005 production of Riding the Bull. Flux Sundays: Too many to count. Original Coffee Goddess.

Do you have a favorite Bible character? Delilah and Jezebel shook the patriarchy to the core…gotta love that. Jesus was pretty hot too…

Are you blessed? Every day I wake up to the beauty that is is a blessing–everything else is just icing on the cake.

If you were wrestling an angel, what moves would you use? My powers of seduction, most notably my hypnotic eye gaze…

What would you do for more life? More life?!?! I’ve barely got this figured out! I’ll be back many times over, don’t worry about that…

What’s the weirdest thing in your parents’ attic? I plead the fifth.

What is your prior experience with the Old Testament? Read it a lot as a pre-teen. Has some really cool parables, poetry and allegorical tales. Also has a lot of reworked stories that have completely eliminated the majority of women’s roles in the shaping of history. I’m all for bringing back the feminine divine, baby!!!

If you believe in a deity or deities, what kind do you believe in? I believe we are all expressions of divinity…that there is no one old white dude outside of us, but that we are all gods and goddesses. And if we stripped away our ego shells for just a moment and stepped into the mysterious realm of no past and no future, we might finally experience that connection with holy greatness that we scramble for our whole lives and thus evolve and ascend to a higher dimension of existence.

Anything else coming up for you that Flux readers should know about? My film, An Affirmative Act, premieres at the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 4. I play Terri Succi, a lesbian woman living as a man so she can marry her lover and adopt a baby. When her ruse is discovered, she is arrested for fraud and gets involved in a dangerous legal battle for her rights and her life. www.anaffirmativeact.com I will also be in Haiti April 4-11 as a volunteer relief worker with Hands on Disaster Response www.hodr.org And of course I will be returning to Burning Man this year 😉

Candice Holdorf is an alumna of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (Stella Adler). Favorite theatrical roles outside of Flux include: Referee in Never Swim Alone (Intentional Theatre), Margot Wendice in Dial M For Murder (Cortland Rep) and Jill in Conference Room A (Kids with Guns). She also helped create and recently toured colleges with 36:24:36, a performance piece based on the writers’ and performers’ histories of eating disorders. 36:24:36 first premiered at the 2007 NY Fringe Festival. Her latest role is as Terry Succi in the upcoming film An Affirmative Act, premiering June 4 at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

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