Divine Reckonings Artists Reveal #15:Matthew Murumba

What is Jacob’s House?
What is ForePlay: Divine Reckonings?
Matthew Murumba
Actor, ForePlay

Previous Flux Experience: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ForePlay (Divine Reckonings and Poetic Larceny), Food:Soul (Lickspittles, Buttonholers, and Damn Pernicious Go-Betweens), Have Another (The Will), 4th Annual Retreat at Little Pond, Flux Sundays

Do you have a favorite Bible character?
Starts with “M” ends with “atthew”

Are you blessed?
yes…though I have a habit of forgetting that I am

If you were wrestling an angel, what moves would you use?
“sweep the leg”…probably wouldn’t be that effective but ever since I saw karate kid I’ve always wanted to do that

What’s the weirdest thing in your parents’ attic?
a family of four with an annoying dog (its an apartment build)

Anything else coming up for you that Flux readers should know about?
everything happens for a reason…for real…it true

Bio: In addition to loving being part of the Flux family, Matthew is a Member of the theater film collective Stage 13 (www.stage13.com) where he also serves on the Board of Directors. He was born in Melbourne, Australia and his parents are from Uganda if you can believe that.

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