Jacob’s House Response: Michael Roderick, BroadwayWorld

(Photo: Justin Hoch at jhoch.com. Pictured: Jessica Angleskhan)

How did we miss this? Producer Michael Roderick wrote about Jacob’s House as part of his Triple Threat Roundup on BroadwayWorld. Along with shout outs for Maeutic’s Barrier Island (aka, the show I’m going to kick myself most for missing) and (new to me) Active Theatre Company’s Magnetic North, Michael has good things to say about our now (boohoo) closed show.

Here is a favorite:

The show is executed with such clearness and simplicity thanks to the direction of Kelly O’ Donnell who does an amazing job of moving us in and out of the characters’ memories. O’Donnell gets top notch performances out of her actors and handles the show with an amazing sensitivity that only a director who understands ensemble can achieve.

Michael sees and creates more theatre than almost anyone, so we’re especially thrilled to be included in this roundup.

And…if you agree with his positive prognosis, VOTE FOR US for the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. Audience vote counts for 25% of our total score, so your vote really does count, and with your help, we were nominated for 7 awards for The Angel Eaters Trilogy. Help us get back to the ceremonies!

And whether you liked the play or didn’t, please do share your thoughts with us here in the audience thread.

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