Flux Sunday, June 6th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

We’re back! After Jacob’s House and a weekend of rest, we returned to our weekly workshop series, Flux Sundays. After our wonderful residency at the now defunct NYR Studios, where we happily spread out our many scenes, we return to a more nomadic life, and to lesser incarnation of table reads. But good work still happened…

Playwrights: Zack Calhoon (Obamaville), August Schulenburg (Dream Walker), Isaiah Tanenbaum (Viva Fidel)

Actors: Elise Link, David Crommett, Ken Glickfeld, Brian Pracht, Gretchen Poulos, Amy Fitts, Matthew Archambault, Heather Cohn, Josh Koopman, Kayla O’Connell, Scott Barnhardt

Highlights included:
-Ken’s grizzled and charming anarchist leader Curtis in Zack’s Obamaville, revealing once again that watchable is always more important than likable
-Heather and Josh’s awkwardly tender playing of the scene between ex-soldier Duffy and newly homeless teen Jenny in Obamaville – without pushing a jot, they captured the surging interest between these two unlikely lovers
-Zack playing Pablo in Isaiah’s Viva Fidel – why is it so funny when Zack’s under siege? Best not to ask, better only to enjoy…
-Scott’s painfully sincere Richie in Dream Walker – and the chance to hear the first six scenes all in a row! There are some advantages to tabled read Sundays.

I’ll try to catch up on the other Flux Sundays in June before the 1st Flux Sunday in July; that is, of course, if the methane bubble tsunami really is an internet legened and spares us another Permian extinction…

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