Flux Sunday, June 27th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Playwrights: Rob Ackerman (Throwing Gumballs), Johnna Adams (Hripsime), Fengar Gael (The Spell Caster), Brian Pracht (The Misogynist; Or, No More Mr. Nice Guy), August Schulenburg (Deinde)

Actors: David Crommett, Alisha Spielmann, Nancy Franklin, Ingrid Nordstrom, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Heather Cohn, Jane Taylor, Elise Link

The playwrights returned in full force after my solo efforts the week previous; Rob brought the final pages of his momentary epic, Throwing Gumballs; Brian brought rewrites of his much traveled Misogynist; Johnna brought the Armenian verse play and I kept the science fiction coming.

Highlights included:
-Ingrid’s hilariously trapped and smiling through the awkwardness portrayal of Julie in The Misogynist, as her suitor Ethan pulls out all the wrong stops
-David and Jane perfectly volleying back and forth the pleasure and recriminations of mentor and protege Malcolm and Nabanita in Deinde
-Heather showing off her acting chops as the enigmatic young sorceress Mayra in The Spell Caster
– Enjoying the final twisting peregrinations of the soul in Rob’s epic blink in a man’s life, Throwing Gumballs

There is always something special about coming to the end of a play we’ve worked scene by scene in Flux Sunday – sometimes they feel a little like tuning in to weekly episodes of your favorite TV show – and it is always hard to say goodbye. But then again, rewrites are never having to say goodbye…

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