Flux Sunday, September 19th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

After 3 weeks off for our 5th Annual Retreat (aka, Flux Sunday all day long), we returned to action with a high spirited Flux Sunday.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (Nurture), Fengar Gael (The Spell Caster), August Schulenburg (Denny and Lila, The Refrigerator Hums)

Actors: Isaiah Tanenbaum, David Crommett, Alisha Spielmann, Richard Watson, Candice Holdorf, Nancy Franklin, Matthew Archambault, Tiffany Clementi

-David Crommett as Doug reading a litany of comforting, loving words in his near-oblivious effort to win over Cheryl in Johnna Adams’ Nurture. It’s been so exciting to watch him get more of this role every time!
-Finally getting to share Isaiah Tanenbaum’s work on Marcus in Denny and Lila – we’d worked on it at the retreat, but ran out of time to share some of the scenes.
-Mary’s super-theatrical mirror-maze scene in The Spell Caster – the carnies chasing each other through the distorting maze, and through Mayra’s strange powers of perception – I’d love to see this scene on stage
-Nancy Franklin as the Italian conjurer of self, Louisa, in The Spell Caster – when she speaks as this character, we all look around and smile at how good she is in the role
-Our post Flux Sunday impromptu hang out w/Candice, Tiffany, Alisha, Heather and I…sometimes, you’re not quite ready for Flux Sundays to be over (hence the incoming innovation of Speak Easy – more on that anon!)

If you were there, what highlights or discoveries did I miss?

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