NYTR Party and Lesser Seductions Reunion

(Photo: Crystal Skillman. Pictured: Cast and Playwright of The Lesser Seductions of History)

On Friday, November 15th, the entire cast of The Lesser Seductions of History reunited to read through scene 1962 as part of the New York Theater Review Launch Party. I felt so lucky to have all eleven of the original cast clear their considerably busy schedules to come together and celebrate the publication of the play.

To make more matters even more nostalgic, sound designer Asa Wember played his design as the scene was read; and from the first crack of Maris’ bat to George playing Holst’s The Planets under Lee’s speech, the whole reading lifted into a strange and lovely territory. The familiar cadences matched to the music made the reading feel like some ghost of the original production that having gone to the ends of the earth, echoed back, returning the same only to find us changed. Somehow appropriate for that play…

And there was also Reggie Watts doing that thing he does so well; Tiffany Clementi, Matt Archambault, and Cotton Wright pinch-hitting as readers for Heidi Schreck’s Creature; hearing again scene from Erin Browne’s Trying; Trav SD’s evocative essay on the grotesque, and much more.

A huge thank you to the cast, Asa, and Heather for making it happen; for everyone who showed up to journey with us down memory lane; to Crystal Skillman for the phone-snapped pics; and of course, to Jody Christopherson and Brook Stowe for making it happen.

(Photo: Crystal Skillman. pictured: cast of The Lesser Seductions of History)

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