Miss Lilly Gets Boned

(Pictured: Nitya Vidyasagar, Michael Davis, Matthew Archambault, Heather Cohn, Alisha Spielmann, Kitty Lindsay, Bekah Brunstetter, Jessica Claire Preddy, Jesse-James Austin)

Much like an elephant, I won’t soon forget our 7th Food:Soul of Miss Lilly Gets Boned. Please leave your thoughts on the play and the event itself in the comment field below. To whet your mindblade, I offer up these pictures from photogenie Isaiah Tanenbaum.

(Pictured: Our house of around 65 peeps – including, for the astute eye, a playwright, director, director’s Mom, and Holdorf shoulder.)

(The elephants have arrived. Pictured: Michael Davis, Jesse-James Austin, Kitty Lindsay, Alisha Spielmann)
(Vandalla approaches the elephant Harold with caution. Pictured: Nitya Vidyasagar, Michael Davis)

(An ill-fated plant lures Richard to Miss Lilly. Pictured: Alisha Spielmann, Matthew Archambault)

(Lara loves hymns. Among other things. Pictured: Kitty Lindsay)
(Miss Lilly shows her sister how it’s done. Pictured: Alisha Spielmann.)

(It’s not all sweet piano playing. There’s plenty of violence, too. Pictured: Matthew Archambault, Michael Davis)

(Elephants should be hugged, not kicked. I think. Pictured: Nitya Vidyasagar, Michael Davis)
(It’s just like riding a bike. Pictured: Kitty Lindsay, Alisha Spielmann, Matthew Archambault)
(Father and son. Pictured: Jesse-James Austin, Matthew Archambault)
(Can you do tricks? Pictured: Michael Davis, Jesse-James Austin)

(Obligatory artsy Isaiah shot. Pictured: the text, the Jessica Claire Preddy)

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