Two More Interviews

Due to the nigh-on wild acclaim for the ground-breaking post, Two Interviews, I link now to two more interviews, because, well, there are two new Flux-related interviews in the world.

First up, Dog Act actress Becky Byers, she of People of the Year and Exploding Moments fame, continues to soar like a veritable air minion in this interview with Zack Calhoon at Visible Soul in his People You Should Know series.

Secondly, I completed the Piper McKenzie Mad-Lib interview for their upcoming Dainty Cadaver series (I am contributing to Team B). If you were thinking to yourself, where can I find 20 passes of attempted wit, deliberate nonsense, and occasional sincerity all in one place, this interview has you covered.

Speaking of interviews, surely you noticed that marathon man has passed 300? Amazing.

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