Flux Sunday, April 10th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Playwrights: David Ian Lee (The Curing Room)

Actors: Ken Glickfeld, Jane Taylor, Matthew Archambault, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Kari Riely, Brian Pracht.

This was a very different Flux Sunday. One playwright, one play, no directors, two laptops, and an iPad 2 (no trees were harmed in the making of this Flux Sunday). This intimate group had the pleasure of reading David’s The Curing Room…in its entirety!

– Jane Lincoln Taylor’s beautiful reading of Sukuruk’s monologue about his ‘tiny wife’ Lludmila.
– Silently reading the stage directions of Scene 5 together as a group and finding it hard to…*ahem*…swallow.
– The scene between Kari’s Kozlov and Ken’s Ehrenberg, a scene of fear, revelation, and, ultimately, sacrifice.
– Having the opportunity to discuss the play after, with specific questions from the playwright.

If you were there, what do you remember (other than haunting images of human flesh & bones)?

Post By Matthew Archambault

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