Have Another #6

Our next installment of Have Another is Wednesday the 6th from 7PM-10PM. We’ll be returning to the friendly confines of Jimmy’s #43, located downstairs at 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. There is no cover, just some of our favorite scenes from Flux Sunday shared over drinks with friends.

I’m especially excited that we’ve been able to make this Have Another happen. Our partnership with Judson Memorial Church’s Bailout Theatre has really jumpstarted our Food:Soul program, but Have Another has often fallen by the wayside, and there have been some years where we’ve only had one (which is sadly ironic, given the programs title).

Members Isaiah Tanenbaum (picture to the left is his) and Matthew Archambault have taken up the reins of this Have Another, and that gives me great hope that this program will resume the more regular schedule that our Flux Sunday artists deserve.

The line-up!

Devil Dog Six
Written by Fengar Gael
Directed by Leigh Hile
Featuring Ingrid Nordstrom, James Comtois, Damon Kinard, Will Lowry, and Tiffany Clementi

Written by August Schulenburg
Directed by Pete Boisvert
Featuring Brian Pracht and Matthew Murumba

!Viva Fidel!
Written by Isaiah Tanenbaum
Directed by Kelly O’Donnell
Featuring Jessica Angleskhan, David Crommett, Paco Tolson, and Matthew Archambault

Doors open at 7PM, with scenes beginning at 7:30PM and running through 9PM, with hanging out to follow.

Why is this line up a must see? Because Have Another gives you a chance to see the plays that Flux is developing at Flux Sundays, all the while tipping back a beer or two and enjoying Jimmy’s great locally inspired food (local theatre pairs well with local food, no?) It’s one of our ways of sharing our development process with you.

And this particular line up of scenes features horse racing, neuroscience, crumbling regimes, animal souls, cyborgs and corpse puppetry. It features Fengar Gael’s second Have Another (after the wonders of Opaline) and Member Isaiah Tanenbaum’s first as a playwright. Regulars like Matthews Murumba and Archambault team up with awesome first timers Paco Tolson and Damon Kinard.

So many good reasons to join us and Have Another…

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