On Theater and Cosmology

Hey all, Isaiah here.

You may know the Innovative Theater people for their annual IT Awards, which recognize excellence in the Off-Off-Broadway world (Flux productions have been nominated eight times; Asa Wember won Best Sound Design in ’08 for his work on Angel Eaters), but they also host a superb blog fittingly called “Full of IT.” Our own August Schulenburg is this week’s guest blogger there, and I encourage you to check IT out (har har).

As always, Gus brings that Wider Frame brain of his to bear in the first post of the week as he analyzes, oh, just the universe, life itself, consciousness, and technology. You know, those little things.

Taking Marcus Aurellius, who furrows away up at the top of this post, at his word (“he who does not know what the world is does not know where he is”), Gus analyzes each of these aspects of creation in turn. Specifically, he’s interested in their individual and differing relationships to change, loss, and time. It’s a surprisingly quick read for the breadth it covers, and I’ve been chewing it over all day.

I figured that while Gus, ever modest, wouldn’t want to link to himself, I am bound by no such rules. So head on over. Myself, I’m more of a Kurtzweilian than Gus is (Singularity ho!), but either way I can’t wait to see the next couple of posts.

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