Ajax in Iraq Review: Danny Bowes, nytheatre.com

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Raushanah Simmons)

Review #1 is out, and it certainly is a great way to start. Danny Bowes at nytheatre.com has some truly lovely things to say about Ajax in Iraq, speaking positively of many of the most challenging aspects of the play’s reach and complexity. After the long grind of tech and opening, this was a heartening first review to read, and I’m truly grateful for it.
There are many strong quotes, but I’m singling out one in particular for our amazing cast that always brought (and continues to bring) their absolute best to every rehearsal:

None of the actors and designers should feel slighted by not being mentioned by name here, as they each are so good, and succeed so well at collectively creating a whole unit, that to praise them all by name would be just a list of names followed by “was great” or “was awesome.” They’re all great. They’re all awesome. To single out one would be to diminish the magnificent effect of all as a whole.

So, read the whole review here, and then get your tickets here, and then leave your own thoughts on the play here.

Onward into the second week!

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