Dog Act Review: Jen Gunnels, The New York Review of Science Fiction

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Becky Byers, Squish, Liz Douglas)

In this case, very much better later than never. Jen Gunnels for the New York Review of Science Fiction is only available in hard copy; perhaps apt for a play about what happens when the digital world disappears, and takes almost every piece of cultural memory along with it.

And this is the review you would want to survive the Flood (and all other impending plagues). The review goes into fabulous detail, capturing much of the play and contextualizing it within the post-apocalyptic tradition. It is four pages long, full of pictures and quotes from the play; with some beautiful writing, including this closing benediction:

Dog Act presented a post-apocalyptic wasteland infused with hope and movement. Whether the two make it to the King of China’s court is irrelevant. The goal is what became important. Vaudevillian wagon, subway, cab or feet – how one gets there is irrelevant. What matters is the going and the company you keep.”

“What matters is the going and the company you keep.” Amen.

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