Flux Sunday, July 17th

By August Schulenburg

(What is Flux Sunday?)
Our second Flux after the end of Ajax in Iraq was a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of day. We took on a ton of pages from Perse, reaching the climax of the play; we neared the end of Viva Fidel, and we moved towards the middle of Now Comes The Night. Beginnings are exciting, and endings feel good, but this was a day of working the middles.
We also filmed some videos for TCG’s I AM THEATRE campaign, so a special thanks to Anthony, Isaiah, Ingrid, Anna and Carissa for sharing their stories; and to Kelly for filming.
Playwrights: EM Lewis (Now Comes the Night), August Schulenburg (Perse), Isaiah Tanenbaum (Viva Fidel)
Directors: Heather Cohn, Marielle Duke, Kelly O’Donnell
Actors: Ken Glickfeld, Anthony Wills Jr, Carissa Cordes, Jane Taylor, Ingrid Nordstrom, Anna Lamadrid, Rob Maitner, Becky Byers, Jen Kipley
– Um, Becky Byers as the gangsta-Beiber Joey Berger in Perse? Unforgettable, especially in the scene where she and Carissa made up the blocking because we ran out of staging time. Yeah, improvised violence!
-Is there anything that quite compares in groan-inducing pleasure to Isaiah’s Jeff/El Jefe wordplay in Viva Fidel?
-Newcomers Rob Maitner and Jen Kipley tearing it up as Michael in Now Comes the Night and Catherine in Viva Fidel respectively.
-Watching the video of Ek Ladki Ko Dekho with the Perse cast on my phone, and then trying to somehow stage that Bollywood magic at Judson (Ingrid and Anna spinning together=treasured memory).
If you were there, what do you walk away with?

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