Have Another #7 Pictures

(Don’t you want to Have Another with these peeps? Photo: Alisha Spielmann)

Our seventh Have Another was a particularly joyous affair, feeling as it did like an echo of the happiness of the Retreat. With our usual photographer Isaiah Tanenbaum unfortunately absent, we turned to the mighty lens of Alisha Spielmann, who also somehow found time to turn in a moving performance as Telly in Erin Browne’s Projects.

If you were there, what are your favorite memories of the event?

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: David Crommett, Matthew Archambault, Marnie Schulenburg, Kari Swenson Riely)

Oh, Wendell of Brian Pracht’s play, Wendell Wants. You want so much…money, Sadie, your parents to stop humiliating you at the dinner table…

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Matthew Archambault, Marnie Schulenburg)

Happiness isn’t always a warm gun. Sometimes, it’s a narrow bed and a newfound love.
(Photo: Matthew Archambault, edited by Alisha Spielmann Pictured: Becky Byers, Tiffany Clementi, Alisha Spielmann, Kelly O’Donnell, Matthew Murumba, August Schulenburg, Will Lowry, Carissa Cordes)

I can only hope watching the dinner table scene from Projects by Erin Browne was as much fun as being in the scene. I could sit at the table with those people all night long.

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Cotton Wright)

Should Cotton, playing Rene, tell the story of Justin and her honey hand?

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Cotton Wright)

Yes, yes she should.

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Lightbulb, Rainbow-Neck Deer)

What’s that you say? Hankering for the picture of a rainbow-neck deer? Hanker no longer.

(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Marnie Schulenburg, August Schulenburg)

Sister, brother.
(Photo: Alisha Spielmann. Pictured: Larry Kunofsky, August Schulenburg, Alisha Spielnmann, Matthew Murumba, Christina Shipp, Will Lowry)

We smiled for the camera…and closed the party down.

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