Flux Sunday, September 4th

(What is Flux Sunday?)

If the previous Sunday was the Flux of the actors, this Sunday was the Flux of the playwrights – as many strong pages as we’ve seen in a long time, and despite my best attempts, we simply could not stage them all.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (The Anguisher), Fengar Gael (The Cat Vandal), Larry Kunofsky (So Retarded), Kitty Lindsay (Life is a Dream House), Kristen Palmer (Bridgeport), Brian Pracht (Unplugged In), August Schulenburg (Jane the Plain), Adam Szymkowicz (The Note)

Directors: Pete Boisvert, Kristy Dodson, Heather Cohn

Actors: Isaiah Tanenbaum, Jason Howard, Alisha Spielmann, Melissa Herion, Drew Valins, Tiffany Clementi, Cotton Wright, Ken Glickfeld, Kersti Bryan, David Crommett

Highlights included:
-Well, it’s not everyday one gets to play a fundamentalist possessed by the spirit of a cat – so that was certainly a personal highlight.
-Working on Brian’s Unplugged In – we’ve seen many incarnations of this play (and first scene), and while Flux Sundays are used less frequently for longer term development, it’s always exciting when it happens
-Cotton and Jason as the tormented Karbie and Ben dolls – they found the slightly askew physicality that made those parts pop
-Reading through So Retarded allowed us to do two big scenes that play off each other…and boy, did they ever, and the second scene really highlighted Kersti Bryan’s Flux Sunday debut

Now I had to leave early, so…did I miss anything that should be forever recorded in the annals of time?

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