Flux Sunday, December 4

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Well, yes, we may have fallen a wee bit behind on the Flux Sunday updates, but FluxBlog’s brand new home has me itching to get back in the saddle. And we had a really satisfying Flux Sunday in the friendly confines of Judson Memorial Church:

Playwrights: Katherine Burger (Pinecroft), EM Lewis (If I Did This), August Schulenburg (Jane the PlainEncryption)

Directors: Heather Cohn

Actors: Jane Lincoln Taylor, Jennifer Larkin Kuzler, Isaiah Tanenbaum, David Crommett, Matthew Archambault, Melissa Herion

Highlights included:
Katherine brought a screenplay, which while not our M.O., was a lot of fun – especially Melissa’s impassioned Italian poet.
-There is a special thrill that comes from the ease of working with longterm collaborators, and once David, Matt and I locked into the rhythm of Ellen’s If I Did This, there were a couple transitions that popped in exciting ways
-We welcomed Friend of Flux Jennifer Larkin Kuzler to her first Flux Sunday!
-Isaiah played a troublesome British crypter in Encryption, and he, Melissa and Jane really made my neo-noir pop.

If you were there, what do you remember from our mystery-themed Flux Sunday?

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