Flux Sunday, 3/4

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Playwrights: Katherine Burger (The Rainy Season), Fengar Gael (The Draper’s Eye), August Schulenburg (The Fields of Blue and Glow, Encryption, The Iron Hours)

Directors: Pete Boisvert, Murdock Lucas, Marielle Duke

Actors: Anna Lamadrid, Alberto Bonilla, Emily Hartford, Will Lowry, Jane Taylor, Isaiah Tanenbaum Stephanie Cox-Williams, Ken Glickfeld, Matthew Trumbull, John Albano, Catherine Porter, Becky Comtois, Marc Landers, Jennifer Somers Kipley, Sarah Amandes, Marla Yost, Lauren Ferebee, Ryan Andes, David Crommett

Our third Flux Sunday was jam-packed with actors, but after some last-minute playwright dropouts, I sent two additional new plays into the breach, and highlights included:

-Sarah Amandes’ mad professor Siegfried in The Draper’s Eye,  nailing the German and the passion both

-Matthew Trumbull’s loving portrayal of the somewhat bumbling but definitely smitten history professor Bob in The Rainy Season

-Pete Boisvert’s direction of Encryption, which weaved in and out of memory and the present with grace and humor

-Alberto and Lauren capturing the heat between Jed and Elsie in the basketball seduction of The Iron Hours – this was also Murdock’s first swing at directing, and he nailed it!

If you were there, what did you take away from this Flux Sunday?

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