ForePlay: Human 2.0 – March 26

(Post by August Schulenburg. Photos by and of Isaiah Tanenbaum, with graphic design by Will Lowry)

Our exploratory play reading series ForePlay, where playwrights riff on the themes of our mainstage production, is back!

Join us on Monday, March 26th from 7 to ??pm at Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge Street for the kick-off event of Human 2.0. This is a give what you can event for our upcoming production of DEINDE.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (LANGUAGE), Erin Browne (JUSTICE), Larry Kunofsky (EMPATHY), Fengar Gael (IDENTITY)

Director: Michael Davis

Actors: David Crommett, Jennifer Somers Kipley, Mike Mihm, Anna Lamadrid, August Schulenburg, Isaiah Tanenbaum

HUMAN 2.0: Whether you’re ready or not, your species is being upgraded. The new software will enable enhanced capability in several senses. The question is, will your hardware be able to handle it? Flux & associated artists look at the new features of Human 2.0 one by one, investigating how this next step in our evolution will affect our lives. Those operating on the obsolete Human 1.0 may attend each performance for a small fee.

ForePlay is an exploratory staged reading series where playwrights riff on the themes of our main production, in this case, DEINDE. Over three nights, 12 playwrights will write short plays imagining what various human sense will look like in the future. What if we had the capacity to smell like a dog? Use radar like a bat? See all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum? How will we upgrade our sense of beauty and justice? What will happen when we truly have unlimited memory? All of these short plays will explore what it means to be human in an era of rapid technological change

Monday, April 2: 7 to 10pm, Location TBD

Playwrights: David Ian Lee (TIME), EM Lewis (RESPONSIBILITY), David Stallings (BORDERS), Lauren Ferebee (MUSIC), Nat Cassidy (PARENTING)

Director: Matt Archambault

Actors: Becky Kelly, Maria Portman Kelly, Kari Swenson Riely, Chris Wight, Tatiana Gomberg, John Albano

Monday, April 9: 7 to 10pm, location TBD

Playwrights: Sol Crespo (REALITY), Aja Houston (LOVE), Jeff Lewonczyk (HUMOR), Kristin Palmer (INTUITION), Isaiah Tanenbaum (ISOLATION)

Director: Pete Boisvert

Actors: Kitty Lindsay, Debargo Senyal, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Carissa Cordes, Ryan Andes, Julian Stetkevych

Learn about the genesis of Human 2.0 here. Past ForePlays have included: New World Iliads, Divine Reckonings, Poetic Larceny, Imagination Compact and The Dream Project (the first occurring before recorded blog history).

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