ForePlay: Human 2.0 – Rehearsal Report

Post and sad iPhone photo by August Schulenburg

In addition to beginning rehearsals for DEINDE this weekend, we also held rehearsals for the first installment of ForePlay:Human 2.0, going up tonight (please come!) Due to several last minute actor cancellations (sad), Isaiah and I stepped into some roles (happy).

While wrangling 30+ artist schedules is always daunting, that daunt slips quickly away once you get into the room. Here are a few reasons that you should see ForePlay Human 2.0 tonight:

  • Michael Davis is back on Flux turf! The last time Michael Fluxed it up was in the Food:Soul of Miss Lilly Gets Boned, and it was an absolute joy to be back in the rehearsal room with him again.
  • Johnna Adams has invented a language for her play that allows the idea of que sera, sera (or what will be, will be), to have a future inevitable tense that means something like that but more so – untranslatable but beautiful – and she may (once again) have laid the groundwork for a full-length play.
  • If you had any doubt that Anna Lamadrid was a force of freaking nature, get ready to see her play a linguist, carny, therapist, memory-stealer, hot friend and more.
  • Erin Browne’s chilling play asks a question about revenge, justice, and the wheels of law that will unsettle you in all the right ways.
  • Mike Mihm gets to be funny! And he’s really funny! In Larry Kunofsky’s really, really funny play!
  • Jen Kipley brings a sweetness to Johnna Adams’ Calliope in Untranslatables that may dent that forcefield around your heart.
  • Did you ever wonder what doing a line of pure theatre would feel like? David Crommett and Fengar Gael will give you the business in her joyful rush of a play.



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