Happy World Theatre Day 2012

(Post by August Schulenburg)
Flux Theatre Ensemble is a part of the NYC World Theatre Day Coalition and is participating in World Theatre Day 2012 primarily through our upcoming ForePlay:Human 2.0 event on March 26. Theatre Communications Group (where I work), which serves as the U.S. Center of the International Theatre Institute (ITI-US), invites all theatres, individual artists, institutions and audiences to celebrate World Theatre Day on March 27, 2012 to  celebrate the power of theatre to strengthen cultural exchange and mutual understanding across borders.
Our four ForePlay playwrights will be looking at the themes of human evolution through a world lens, tackling the following senses:
Johnna Adams (LANGUAGE), Erin Browne (JUSTICE), Larry Kunofsky (EMPATHY), Fengar Gael (IDENTITY)
What would a world look like with an evolved sense of language, justice, empathy and identity? Join us on March 26, a day before the full celebration on March 27, to find out!
We’ll also read aloud the International Message delivered this year by actor John Malkovich, and there are a bunch more ways to get involved with World Theatre Day, including:
  • Attending the HotINK Festival of international plays
  • Participating in SPLAT (Spontaneous Public Live Action Theatre)
  • Reading and commenting on the NYC WTD blog and  the TCG Circle, which is currently accepting posts for the Generation Without Borders theme. The Circle (which I manage while wearing my other hat as Associate Director of Communications at TCG) is also featuring WTD-themed posts like Fulbright Stories and Marcy Arlin’s amazing Artist, Immigrant series.
  • Raise a glass at Houndstooth Pub with other theatre makers on March 27th 5pm-8pm.
  • Make an I AM THEATRE video (I did!) that speaks to why theatre matters to you
For details about all of the NYC Activities visit the NYC World Theatre Day Coalition’s website at www.nycwtd.com, and check out TCG/ITI-US interactive map of activities.

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