Dungeon Masters Release Their New Album

Graphic design by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Picture:d: Matthew Murumba as Bobby Pachachi, Isaiah Tanbaum as Mac Silverhorn.

Great news, music fans! After their initial self-titled album was released in 2047, the Dungeon Masters are finally back with a new collection of their latest hits. Half-party, half- deeply experimental concept album, Nothin’ But Twenties doesn’t so much break new ground as shoot new ground in the face, raise it from the dead using Silverhorn’s quantum biology, and then make love it.

Nothin’ But Twenties offers plenty of red meat for fans of the DMs patented Old New School sound, but also an interesting flip-hop fusion with some Raging ’30s thrown in to give the album some soul. It is also deeply romantic, with ballads like Spring Tides and Flies On My Body sure to become wedding classics.

Here’s the tracks:

1. Cumulus Nimbus Cloud
2. Controlled Thud
3. Trapezoids, They Want To Be Song
4. Girl, You Prime
5. Flies On My Body
6. Dark and Sticky
7. Pita in my Grillspace
8. Spring Tides

9. Finger Blasting (or, Ronnie’s Song)
10. Dibs Player One
11. Anyway You Quantum (That’s The Way You Need ‘Em)
12. +10 Guitar of Awesome
13. Words In The Dictionary, Ka-Kn
14. Lock That Shorty Down Quark

Very smart fans can enter Jenni Long’s (the famous colleague of Silverhorn’s at QuamBi) Goldbach’s Conjecture proof to unlock a hidden track, a gorgeous a cappella cover of Sophie B. Hawkins’ c lassic, Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.

Fans of the Masters may be upset with certain omissions, like “___ Yeah, Kittens!”, “U Sharp Major” and of course, “Girl, You Hexy.” But that just means they’ll need to return to the studio soon to record another album!

What’s your favorite track? What song do you wish they’d included? And who would you rather spend seven minutes in heaven with – Bobby or Mac? (Both, please!)

Either way, your heart is sure to be quantumly entangled with this awesome album, which will prove to be a balm for our troubled times. Finally, something catchier than the virus!

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