Flux Sunday, 9/16

Post and pathetic iPhone photos by August Schulenburg.

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Yikes! It is so perilously easy to fall behind in blogging our Flux Sunday adventures. But the Internet wants to know, don’t you Internet?

Playwrights: Rob Ackerman (Snickers and Snarg), Lauren Ferebee (Somewhere Safer), August Schulenburg (Stepping), Roland Tec (Henry 5)

Directors: Marielle Duke

Actors: Matthew Murumba, Jenny, Alisha Spielmann, Lori Parquet, Heather Lee Rogers, Ryan Shams, Chris Wiht, Leila Okafur, Rachael Hip-Flores, Jennifer Somers Kipley, Ken Glickfedl, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Jennifer Gordon Thomas


-Rob Ackerman’s triumphant return to Flux Sundays with his dizzyingly funny new play for your audiences, Snickers and Snarg.
-Chris Wight and Lori Parquet finally attending a Flux Sunday, and tearing it up as Snarg, Bahiya and Teddy Kennedy in various scenes. I hope they will return soon.
-Continuing our gender-bending tradition of JFKs, Jennifer Gordon Thomas turned in a delightfully wry performance as the ghost of Camelot himself.
-Ryan and Rachael found nuance and danger between their characters of Anthony and Renee in Lauren’s increasingly engrossing political memory thriller, Somewhere Safer

I write these memories in haste and with hope that you will round out what I have forgotten with your own madelines. To help, I offer more poorly shot yet nonetheless charming photos from my iPhone:

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