Flux Sunday, 10/7

Post and pathetic iPhone photos by August Schulenburg.

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Flux…in….space! Well, two of the scenes were definitely not in space, and yet I left feeling weightless and giddy, all the same.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (Goblins Go), Nat Cassidy (Breakway), Lauren Ferebee (Somewhere Safer), August Schulenburg (Earth Rise)

Directors: Heather Cohn, Isaiah Tanenbaum

Actors: Emily Hartford, Ryan Shams, David Levin, John Greenleaf, Alisha Spielmann, David Del Grosso, Ken Glickfeld, Shaun B. Wilson, Jennifer Kipley, Ridley Parson, Matthew Trumbull, Stephanie Willing

Highlights included:

-Isaiah’s staging Lauren’s long exit and entrance (and exit and entrance) through the space station halls and doors of Nat’s Breakaway.
-Stephanie Willing putting on a lil’ touch of evil in Johnna’s Goblins Go, which her innate goodness made just that much more devious.
-Shaun and Alisha letting the unspoken speak plenty loud in Lauren’s Somewhere Safer.
-John’s unbelievably good read of my English/Spanish/Mandarin pidgin in Earth Rise. It was like he’d been speaking Moonie all his life.

If you were there, what memories would you carry in your spacesuit to float for as long as your oxygen lasts?

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