Hearts Like Fists Review: Andy Webster, New York Times

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Susan Louise O’Connor, Rachael Hip-Flores, Becky Byers, Aja Houston. Post: August Schulenburg)

No matter how hard you fight against it, the New York Times continues to exert an outsized influence on the minds of theatre makers, myself included. A great review in the Times doesn’t lead to a sudden burst of ticket sales without a marketing budget to take advantage of it, but it does lead to a sense of success among your theatre peers. Simply put, it matters, even if the ways it matters have changed.

So, it was of course heartening to see this wonderful review from Andy Webster in the New York Times. He made the play a Critic’s Pick–the first time that’s happened for us with the times–and wrote the kind of review where pull quotes hang like ripe apples, falling into your hand:

The director, Kelly O’Donnell, manages to ride herd on the proceedings, building a fine, fizzy momentum. Hurting for a laugh? These Crimefighters should save the day.

Flux has received mostly good notices from the Grey Lady, but there attendance is no guarantee–they haven’t visited us since Ajax in Iraq. Here’s hoping we’ll see them for both plays in the rep!

So come on, get yer tix…the Times thinks you should, after all.

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