Hearts Like Fists Review: Doug Strassler, New York Press

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Marnie Schulenburg, August Schulenburg. Post: August Schulenburg)

Doug Strassler is another trusted Flux critic, so it is simply wonderful to read this glowing review in the New York Press. I particularly liked this quote:

And remarkably, despite the many crafty ways in which director Kelly O’Donnell has replicated a comic book feel for the New York stage production of Hearts Like Fists, it never feels lowbrow or churlish at all. That is largely due to the seamless way in which playwright Adam Szymkowicz, one of the leading theatrical voices of his generation, intertwines themes both humorous and mature together…

It’s important to note that Adam just had a play up in NYC (The Why Overhead), has another play currently running at terraNOVA Collective (Ubu), and will shortly have another play up on the boards here (Clown Bar). Hearts Like Fists was a huge hit out in LA, and Nerve is probably playing somewhere near you. In short, Doug’s designation of Adam as “one of the leading theatrical voices of his generation” is  prescient, and I don’t believe he’ll be the last to say it.

The rest of the review is likewise pretty sweet, so give it a read and then get your tickets!

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