Hearts Like Fists Reviews, All of Them in One Place

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Post by August Schulenburg.

I’m not entirely sure this actually is better late than never, but the completionist in me, thwarted by the volume of reviews (thanks, Emily Owens!) and the dwindling nature of time,  can’t help but at least compile of all the Hearts Like Fists reviews, even if I can’t respond to them individually.  Suffice to say, this was probably our best reviewed show to date: we’ve had others that have been very well-received but nothing that approaches this level of volume and consistency. That’s a credit to Adam’s wonderful script, Kelly’s great direction, and the wonderful work of our actors, designers and creative team. And it is a credit to you, dear reader and audience member, because I am ever more convinced that the audience plays a major role in how reviewers review. So thank you for coming, and for laughing and loving our superheroes, doctors, nurses and yes, villains. I still miss this show, and I even miss the fight call.

No more words…links to the reviews in no particular order:

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