Flux Sunday: 10/6/13

(Post and crappy iPhone photo by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Nicole Aiken, Marielle Duke, Anna Rahn and Marianne Miller.)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

We returned to Judson, but this time played in the great cavernous sacred space of the meeting room–exciting!

Playwrights: Aja Houston (Superwomen and Beauty Queens=World Peace); August Schulenburg (Lightning Walks, Salvage)

Directors: Pete Boisvert, Heather Cohn, Christine Zagrobelny

Actors: Matthew Trumbull, Sarah Amandes, Stephanie Willing, Nicole Aiken, David DelGrosso, Ken Glickfeld, Marielle Duke, Kathleen Wise, Chester Poon, Marianne Miller, Brian Jones, Anna Rahn.

Highlights Included:

-Christine’s action-packed staging of the showdown in Aja’s Superwomen and Beauty Queens=World Peace
-David DelGrosso’s earnest and joyful monologue as Sally (Jack’s daughter) in Lightning Walks
-Matt Trumbull rocking the ever-living daylights out of Dennis’ angel monologue in Salvage

If you were there, what memories would you salvage from the wreck of time?

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