Flux Sunday, 9/27/13

(Post and crappy iPhone photo by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Nandita Shenoy, Anne Dufault, Becky Byers and Stephanie Willing.)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

We returned to Judson (callooh, callay) for a jam-packed Flux Sunday!

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (Lingua Ignota); Shaun Bennett Fauntleroy (Shadow Walkers); Fengar Gael (The Last Lot); Aja Houston (Superwomen and Beauty Queens=World Peace); August Schulenburg (Lightning Walks), Nandita Shenoy (Washer, Dryer)

Directors: Pete Boisvert, Heather Cohn, Zachary Tomlinson, Christine Zagrobelny

Actors: Matthew Trumbull, Adam Swiderski, Candice Holdorf, Adam Gordon, Sarah Amandes, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Romy Nordlinger, David Neal Levin, Becky Byers, Katie Lawson, Anne Dufault, Jen Kipley, C.L. Weatherstone, Stephanie Willing

BARP: The Creative Partners held a discussion as to whether or not we should continue working on the material generated at the Retreat, and the consensus held that we while that material isn’t going away, we wanted to focus on devising work for the upcoming Food:Soul, and reset the “legacy” inquiry to be inclusive of the full Ensemble. So, no tarot cards, but more soon…

Highlights included:
-It was thrilling to see four actors tackle Tambelyn’s amazing vision of an endless, multi-lingual, sci-fi epic from Johnna’s Lingua Ignota. You know a character is powerfully drawn when you can see their essence pass intact from one actor to the next.
-Isaiah brought a tightly-wound vulnerability to Tre in Shaun’s Sleep Walkers; Heather observed that director Pete often elicits strong performances from Isaiah, and that was certainly true here.
-Adam Swiderski, in his first Flux Sunday, rocking the daughter within the father in my Lightning Walks. He lived in that twelve-year old girl lightly, without talking down or working too hard.
-OK, I may be tooting my own horn here, but gurrrrlll, I had fun as Sam in Nandita’s riotous Washer, Dryer.

If you were there, what were your highlights from the day?

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  1. Shaun B. Fauntleroy · October 8, 2013 at 3:46 am · Reply

    Gus Schulenberg as “SAM”!!

  2. Candice Holdorf · October 11, 2013 at 6:54 pm · Reply

    Such an honor being there! Thank you for all that you do, Gus. I miss you too! xoxo

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