Flux Sunday 10/27/13

(Photos and post by Rachael Hip-Flores. Pictured: Ken Glickfeld, Adriana Jones)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

We came, we saw, we organized the living shit out of that space, and now we had our inaugural use of the new rehearsal space at Bad Sandy Productions!

Jen Kipley and Alisha Spielmann bring the party with them

And what an incredible Flux Sunday it was! In the space of three hours,  we saw the ancient queer deities of Jason Tseng’s play, the dog summoning magic of Katherine Burger’s Down the Rushy Brook, the vulnerability of disturbed creators in Johnna Adams’ World Builders, and, of course, a Viking Chorus in C.L. Weatherstone’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

ActorsAdriana Jones, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Ken, Heather, Alisha Spielmann, Sarah Amandes, Katie Lawson, Jen Kipley, John Greenfield, Anna Rahn and Rachael Hip-Flores.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams, Katherine Burger, Jason Tseng, C.L. Weatherstone

DirectorsChristine Zagrobelny, Heather Cohn

Highlights include:

-Ken and Adriana brought raw energy, power, and innocence to the children of Down The Rushy Glen.

It was a joy to watch Isaiah and Katie Lawson in Jason Tseng’s play, doing what besties do best – holding each other’s hair back when the night gets messy. Oh and also Isaiah plays a pawn in a power play among the ancient Gods. And he’s also a drag queen.


Sarah and C.L. captured the hesitance and loneliness of these two characters beautifully in the opening scene of World Builders.


And it’s really not a Flux Sunday until somebody dies. Or, in this case, some bodies die. The night ended with some grade A camp from Ken, Alisha, Jen, John and Adriana in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Peace, yo – it’s been metaphysical!

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