Flux Sunday, 11/10/13

(Photos and post by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Aja Houston, Alisha Spielmann)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Were we tired? Oh, yes, we were a wee bit weary from the Food:Soul on Wednesday, but when Sunday calls, we answer, and we returned to the friendly confines of Judson Memorial Church for a relaxed, intimate Flux Sunday.

Playwrights: Katherine Burger (Down the Rushy Glen), Aja Houston (Superwomen + Beauty Queens=World Peace?), August Schulenburg (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy)

Directors: Marielle Duke, Christine Zagrobelny

Actors: Sarah Amandes, Heather Lee Rogers, Becky Byers, Emily Hartford, Alisha Spielmann, Heather Cohn, John Greenfield

Highlights included:

-Alisha Spielmann as Ingrid in Be Happy? LOL, ROFL, #DroppinTheSpielMic

-It’s not every day that Becky gets to play another semi-feral (British) teenager AND an older male (Scottish) detective with an aversion to menses, but this Sunday was not an everyday affair

-Just when I think Aja’s Superwomen has reached the pinnacle of hilarity, she climbs to a higher peak…jousting? Yes, please.

If you were there, what made you #ROFL?

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