Food:Soul of Goldsboro

(All photos by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Shaun B. Fauntleroy, Rachael Hip-Flores, Ken Glickfeld, August Schulenburg, Pete Boisvert).

So…better late than never, right? (Right?)

And it kind of makes sense that out of all of our Food:Souls, this would be the one to go missing. After all, this Food:Soul report had to fight its way through the blasted, mutant-ridden hellscape of <scorpion!> our playwright’s Arizona.

It was a feverish night in the hot loft at Judson Memorial Church, made hotter by the fact I had to step in last minute for a sickened Neimah Djourabchi. Which meant I got to step in and spend a lot of quality time with Pete Boisvert’s chest…and then, of course, there was Ryan <scorpion!> Andes.

Truly, a wonderful visit with a twisted, beautiful family–thanks to our playwright, actors, Micah Bucey, Judson Memorial Church and our generous audience!

written by Nat Cassidy
directed by August Schulenburg
January 30, 2013, at Judson Memorial Church

In this world of satellite maps and global positioning, sometimes the country can feel so small, so thoroughly defined and categorized. The age of Manifest Destiny and exploration, it seems, is over. However, as an ambitious reporter and scientist are about to find out, there are still places in this land that have yet to be put on any map. And there are still people perhaps best left in the dark…

Featuring: Ryan Andes, Pete Boisvert, Tandy Cronyn, Neimah Djourabchi, Ken Glickfeld, Rachael Hip-Flores,Will Lowry, Brian Silliman, Isaiah Tanenbaum and Shaun B. Fauntleroy

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Tandy Cronyn, Pete Boisvert,  August Schulenburg).

It all started when Pud brought a new toy home to Pa. It made Pud HAPPY, but Pa started getting worried, and when Pa gets worried…

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Ken Glickfeld, Will Lowry)

…his son Sarkic gets patricidal (well, really omnicidal). ((And hey, like father, like son, right?))

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Will Lowry, Ken Glicfeld)

Oh sure, Pa has the upper fist, but for how long? And what is going on with Mama and her damn radio?

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Shaun Fauntleroy, Rachael Hip-Flores.)

Thankfully, the sisters get alone great. (Er, brothers? Let’s just say siblings, shall we?)

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores, Shaun Fauntleroy.)

I mean, Sophia and Syzygy get along so well, you might even mistake them for lovers, amiright? #Weird #That’sGoldsboroBaby

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores, Will Lowry.)

Which makes Sarkic all kinds of jealous. And when Sarkic gets jealous…he gets a knife pressed to his throat.

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Shaun Fauntleroy, Rachael Hip-Flores, Isaiah Tanenbaum.)

But when newcomer Daniel Finch arrives, the family has to pull together to figure out what to do with him (and even audience member Adam looks suspsicious).

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Brian Silliman, Isaiah Tanenbaum.)

Of course, our mutants may be dangerous, but there ain’t no sadism like Highway Patrolman sadism because Highway Patrolman sadismmmmmmmwe’re going to wrap ourselves in warmth forever and feel our skin bubble and melt and lift into the air because of its meaning its meaning because because oh God she is so beautiful …

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Isaiah Tanenbaum.)

What? What’s that? Well, of course Isaiah will wind up with his face on the floor–you did read that this was a Flux event, right?

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores, Shaun Fauntleroy, Will Lowry.)

Looks like our favorite family of mutants is cooking up a big ol’ pot of teamwork…

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Rachael Hip-Flores, August Schulenburg, Pete Boisvert.)

The Pietà of Necrophilia.

(Photo by Ned Thorne. Pictured: Ken Glickfeld)

And in the end, the love you make, is equal to the love you’re barely able to protect from malign governments, malevolent patrolmen, murderous mutant children, inscrutable spousal half-deities and your own cussed self. Rejoice!


This…was Goldsboro.

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