Flux Sunday, 11/17/13

(Photos and post by August Schulenburg. Pictured: Kelly O’Donnell, Matthew Trumbull, Aja Houston and audience.)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

Don’t worry, Kelly’s fine. But this particular Flux Sunday featured some very playful use of The Sandbox space, including a wake from which Kelly awoke in Anthony’s play expressionist dazzler, 11 1/2 pieces on Death, Dying, Life and Living (a comedy). Read on for more details from this journey of a Sunday…

Playwrights: Aja Houston (Superwomen + Beauty Queens=World Peace?), August Schulenburg (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy), Anthony Wills Jr. (11 1/2 pieces on Death, Dying, Life and Living (a comedy)).

Directors: Pete Bosivert, Heather Cohn, Kelly O’Donnell, Christine Zagrobelny

Actors: Sarah Amandes, Nicole Aiken, C.L. Weatherstone, Heather Cohn, Mariam Habib, Jillian Walker, Adriana Jones, Chester Poon, Anna Rahn, Matthew Trumbull, Stephanie Cox-Williams.

Highlights included:

-Chester’s baby bird in Be Happy… will we ever recover from its comic splendor?

-The super-coolness of seeing Aja’s scene with two different actors and director teams–I’d love to see us do this again (would you?). Tracking how the different interpretations lifted up different aspects of the relationships between the sisters was fascinating.

-The image of Stephanie washing her hands during her monologue will never leave me, but my favorite moment of all was Aja taking us to church, both in Anthony’s 11 1/2 scenes…looking forward to more of this!

If you were there, what made you happy happy happy?

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