Flux Sunday, 1/12/14

(Post and photos by August Schulenburg.)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

For our second Flux Sunday of 2014 we returned to the friendly confines of Judson Memorial Church for a packed day of plays and another series of firsts and happy returns: Alexis’ directing debut, Nicole and Mariah’s playwriting debuts, Pete’s acting and Ryan returning to Flux Sunday.

Playwrights: Johnna Adams (The World Builders), Nicole Aiken (The Visit), Mariah MacCarthy (Untitled), August Schulenburg (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy)

Directors: Alexis Thomason, Marielle Duke

Actors: Mikalena Kenyon, Jason Tseng, Nandita Shenoy, Ken Glickfeld, Matthew Trumbull, Adriana Jones, Sarah Amandes, Heather Lee Rogers, Alisha Spielmann, Jen Kipley, Ryan Andes, Anne Dufault, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Pete Boisvert, Anna Rahn

Highlights included:

-Anna and Pete found a beautifully awkward chemistry in Mariah’s first pages at Flux Sunday

-Ken and Ryan gave knockout focused performances in The Visit–the whole scene crackled with a taut tension under the directorial hand of Marielle

-It was a great day for two-person scenes: Isaiah and Heather navigated the sweet and odd courtship/friendship between the two characters of The World Builders

-Alisha struggling not to hashtag as Ingrid may be my favorite thing ever.

-I am so grateful to my actors for rolling bravely with the crazy climax of Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy–Shmed!

If you were there, leave what you made happy in the comments below.

New feature! We’ll be keeping a running track of scenes developed/artists worked with in each calendar year to make the end-of-year tally a little easier.

Flux Sunday 2014 Tally

Plays in 2014: Johnna Adams (The World Builders), Nicole Aiken (The Visit), Becky Byers (Roommates), Aja Houston (Superwomen + Beauty Queens=World Peace?), Mariah MacCarthy (Untitled), August Schulenburg (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy), Jason Tseng (Apotheosis), Anthony Wills Jr (11 1/2 Pieces on Death, Dying, Life and Living (A Comedy))

Artists worked with in 2014: Johnna Adams, Nicole Aiken, Sarah Amandes, Ryan Andes, Pete Boisvert, Anne Dufault, Marielle Duke, Ken Glickfeld, Aja Houston, Adriana Jones, Mikalena Kenyon, Jen Kipley, Mariah MacCarthy, Anna Rahn, Heather Lee Rogers, Nandita Shenoy, Alisha Spielmann, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Alexis Thomason, Matthew Trumbull, Jason Tseng, Anthony Wills Jr.

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  1. Mariah · January 20, 2014 at 5:22 am · Reply

    I think the name of my play may be “Sweet Fantasy; or, The Insomnia Play.”

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