Flux Sunday: 2/22/15

(post and iphone photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum)

(What is Flux Sunday?)

It was lovely to return to The Loisaida Center for the second Flux Sunday of our residency there! While Gus and Heather took Mercena back to Forest Hills, I was left in charge with a terminal case of post-rehearsal brain. Thanks to all our participants for keeping things bouncing along!

Playwrights: Jason Tseng (Outbreak), Chisa Hutchinson (Breaking Bread), Katherine Burger (Animal Attraction)

Directors: Christine Zagrobelny, Rachael Hip-Flores

Actors: Adam Swiderski, Alison Preece, Ken Glickfield, Adriana Jones, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Justin Hoch, Leila Ghaznavi, Chester Poon

Highlights included:

2015-02-22 18.05.57
Jason proving his talent for costume design as well as performance in Katherine’s Animal Attraction, as he donned a luxurious cat-fur sweater to play a luxurious, furry cat. Meow indeed!

2015-02-22 18.12.01
A tense stand-off between scientific and military needs as Dr. Chisa and General Katherine tried to get President Adam to agree to their plans for rebel prisoners (who are also ex-Zombies) in Jason’s Outbreak.

2015-02-22 18.26.28
Chisa’s immersive family reunion play Breaking Bread featured Leila as a gleefully melodramatic grandmother, loudly recounting / wildly exaggerating all the real-life apartment troubles I’ve had. Have you ever had someone just throw all your family trash out on the street, but like, in a funny way? This was like that. With lasagna.

How many more Flux Sundays can we squeeze in before we all become production zombies (the final, terminal stage of post-rehearsal brain)? At least one more, dear reader! Thankfully, Gus has the reins again this weekend.

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