Living Ticket Update, Week 1

(Photo by Deborah Alexander of Jane the Plain. This shot felt right for this post, because we’re going to need to hustle to reach our Living Ticket goals!)

So, you might be wondering…how is all this Living Ticket and Open Book stuff turning out for Flux? As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ll be sharing weekly updates with our progress and any discoveries we make along the way.

So how are we doing after the first week?

33 Living Tickets reserved!

From those 33 Living Tickets, Flux also received $655 in donations. I’m pleased that we’re seeing a wide diversity of Living Ticket use, from folks not giving financially at this time all the way up to folks giving at the Living Wage level, and a wide range in between. This is very much what we’d hoped we’d see: if everyone was giving financially, we’d be worried that people were feeling uncomfortable reserving a Living Ticket at no cost (ethically unsustainable), while if no one was giving at the Minimum and Living Wage rates, then we’d be worried about one day reaching those goals (financially & ethically unsustainable). At a $20 gift average person, we’re not yet reaching the $31 required us to break even under our current budget, but we’re doing better than the $12 paid ticket average we’ve seen for past shows.

How does this stack up with our past attendance? At 19 days out for Jane the Plain, we were at 67 tickets sold at a total of $763, though at that point we’d been pushing tickets for three weeks, rather than one, and had two  group sales under our belts. For 19 days out for Once Upon a Bride There Was a Forest, we were at 60 tickets sold at a total of $810. Bride tickets had also been on sale for around three weeks by that time.

So while this is a great opening week for Flux’s Living Ticket program–beating Bride and Jane’s 25 first week ticket sales (yup, same for both)–we’re behind the jump by two weeks because of all the time it took to pull the Living Ticket and Open Book pages together.

Will we be able to use the excitement around these new programs to catch up for being two weeks behind? Reader, I do not know…

Read more about the Living Ticket and Open Book programs, and then reserve your Salvage Living Ticket today!

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