Flux Sunday, 1/10/16

(Post and photos by August Schulenburg.)

Well, hello there, 2016! We were back in the friendly confines of Judson Memorial Church to kick off our shiny new year with plays from Marielle Duke and Jason Tseng.

Playwrights: Marielle Duke (If Only I Knew How to Cross the Street Properly Or, An Anti­Guide to Avoiding An Untimely Death), Jason Tseng (Rizing)

Directors: Marielle, Emily Hartford

Actors: Jessica Angleskhan, Jeanette Bonner, Ken Glickfeld, August Schulenburg, Adam Swiderski, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Matthew Trumbull, C.L. Weatherstone

Highlights included:

  • Jessica channeling her inner six-year old as Silva in Marielle’s new play;
  • Emily’s in-the-round staging for the Brynne/Venture confrontation scene threw us all the way into the emotional turmoil of the scene;
  • Getting to act with Ken as Umet and the Man with the Soft, Little Voice respectively. Getting to play a ground-stomping discord troll of sadness? Wonderful. Getting to play that ground-stomping discord troll of sadness across from one of my favorite people? Priceless; and
  • The new Feast scene in Rizing.  This play will truly be a culinary experience…

FluxSunday 011016

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