Core Work 12.3.19: A couch party and a sly wolf ear

WHO: C. Bain, Emily Hartford, Corinna Schulenburg, Salma Zohdi, and Justin Woo.

WHAT: a story circle and music share for Revolution/Train by Salma Zohdi; creating a gestural vocabulary for the ‘Wolf Space’ in Pack by Corinna Schulenburg.

HOW: We began by responding to the prompt of Wolf by writing down thoughts, images, poems, and more on post-it notes (see above). We then chose three that weren’t our own that we felt told a story with a beginning, middle, and end. We created that story through gesture; first, without music, and then set to Angel Haze’s The Wolves.

For Salma’s piece, we shared music that we felt was revolutionary, either in our personal or political lives, or both. We wrote down fragments from the stories that resonated with us. Then we checked out by sharing what was meaningful to us.


  • C: You know, I love wolves, and I love being praised for a casual wolf ear (editor’s note: it was amazing.)
  • Justin: Really enjoyed being barefoot–where else can you do that other than your house?
  • C: Free books (editor’s note: thank you, TCG!)
  • Justin: Depression hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend. I was like, “I just want to be in my house and be sad,” but it was really nice to be with people.
  • Emily: I felt the healing energy of dropping into your body and thinking with your body, as well as the gift of hearing everyone’s revolution song and stories.
  • Salma: The fact that all of us put ourselves on blast without breaking down into tears, I really hope I can catch Pack stuff from the get go.
  • Corinna: For me, I loved, C’s wolf ear and grotesque howls; Emily’s raised hackles that were cast coolly away; and Justin’s hug that grounded and protected.

Corinna: I also loved learning about the couch party in Egypt.

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